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BaHa Anti Pimple Gel (20gm)

BaHa Anti Pimple Gel (20gm)

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Dries The Affected Area, Removes Excess Oil, Eventually Drying Of The Pimple/ Acne.

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Product Description

For Pimples, Acne, White heads/ Black heads, etc.

Active Ingredient USP:

Aloe Barbadensis Extract: Proven moisturising agent.

Rubia Cordifolia Extract: Gives glowing skin, removes pimples, freckles and discoloration.

Berberis Aristata Extract: Relieve pain and inflammation.

Allantoin: Heals the skin & stimulates the growth of healthy tissue, skin softener.

Product USP:

Treats Pimples/ Acne

Cooling & Healing Properties

Dries the affected area, Removes excess oil, eventually drying of the Pimple/ Acne.

Formulation USP:

Paraben Free

Silica Free

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